Good medicine cures frigidity

A frigid woman, in the common sense, is someone who feels no or almost no interest in sex, and some even feel disgusted by sex, even if it’s her husband.

However, eating is confirmed to be one of the effective, easy and safe ways to treat frigidity in women. Here are foods that help women overcome frigidity:

Seahorse porridge cooked with fresh shrimp: seahorse (live walrus) 20g, fresh shrimp 20g, ginseng 15g, astragalus 20g, hummus 30g, goji berries 16g, fragrant rice 50g, some ginger and spices. Wash rice, shrimp and seahorse clean, mince. Put the ingredients and the right amount of water into the pot to cook porridge. Cook until just cooked, then add ginger, seasoning to taste. Use while the porridge is still warm. Use continuously 3-5 times per week.

Baba cook yang huo: a tortoise with herbs: erotic yang hoc, goji berries, jade bamboo, party ginseng 30g each; three sizes, northern period, heavy beans, 20g each, field 12g, 50g humiliation, with lemongrass, onions, garlic, spices.

Ba ba cleaned, cut pieces and marinated with spices for about ten minutes. Bring the herbs of the Northern period, three halves, sex yang hoac, bean weight, secular, and earthly herbs into the pot with the right amount of water, cook for 15 minutes, then decant the water, remove the residue.

Put the cooking oil in a hot pan, fry the chopped onion, garlic and lemongrass until fragrant, then add the marinated meat to the island for the meat to hunt again. Continue to give the remaining herbs including lotus, goji berries, jade bamboo, and ginseng to the island with meat. Then add the cooked medicinal water and cook for about 15 minutes, when it’s just cooked, season to taste.

Pork tail cooked with bean curd: 50g pig tail, 20g bean curd, 20g three-kicks, 20g segment, 20g dung dung, 30g black beans, and spices. The pig’s tail is washed and then stewed with the above herbs, seasoning with spices just used. Use continuously for several days.

Goat meat stewed with humiliation, goji berry: 15g humiliation, 15g goji berry, 100g goat meat, onion, fresh ginger and just enough seasoning. Goat meat is washed, cut into pieces, marinated with shredded herbs, put in a cloth bag tied to the mouth and then put in a stew pot with goat meat until cooked, when the medicine bag is removed, add spices and then eat it hot. Eat once a day, 7 days a course. Uses: tonify kidney essence, tonify kidney yang, improve sexual capacity.

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