Nutritional secret to overcome anorexia in the elderly

For many reasons, the elderly often face the risk of malnutrition. If left for a long time, it can lead to exhaustion. Therefore, in order to protect their health, the elderly need good nutrition care.

Causes of  malnutrition  in the elderly

There are many causes of malnutrition in  the elderly , in which mainly due to aging causes the organs in the body to degenerate, especially the digestive system inefficiently. The intestines and stomach are weakened. It is one of the main reasons why the elderly often have  digestive disorders  with symptoms: loss of appetite, bloating, diarrhea, constipation …

In addition, because elderly people often suffer from chronic diseases, stomach diseases, cancer, etc., they are often tired and have poor appetite, leading to anorexia.

The ability to chew and swallow, weak teeth affect taste, making the elderly have reduced appetite, poor eating. The function of secreting digestive juices such as saliva, gastric juice, intestinal juice, and blood to these organs is reduced, so the ability to digest food is poor, it is difficult to absorb nutrients.

If the state of anorexia and malnutrition is prolonged, the elderly will become increasingly emaciated, with more serious diseases leading to health failure.

Nutritional care for the elderly

To prevent malnutrition, the elderly need good care in terms of diet and a healthy mental life. 

Family members, especially children, should regularly pay attention, visit and encourage parents, avoiding the elderly feeling lonely, leading to anorexia and loss of appetite.

Have the right diet

Eat soft, easy-to-digest foods

It is necessary to have a suitable diet for the elderly. Focus on soft, nutritious, easy-to-digest processed foods. Do not eat a lot of indigestible red meat such as beef, buffalo meat. Eat more easily digestible proteins like fish, shrimp and pork and fats like vegetable oils. Should eat more vegetables and fresh ripe fruits such as papaya, banana, orange; cereals, sesame, peanuts…

Eat immediately after processing

Food for the elderly should be carefully processed, hygienic and suitable for the digestive system of the elderly. Eating immediately after processing when it is still hot and warm will help the digestion and absorption process easily.

Eat on time

Pay attention to eat on time, do not skip meals. For the elderly, weak, being treated for illness, and difficult to eat, it is recommended to divide meals during the day to ensure the quantity and enough nutrients.

Food to avoid

When preparing food for the elderly, you should choose fresh, safe, and home-cooked foods. Do not eat processed foods, fast foods, processed foods in the form of rare, salads… Because these foods are easy to cause bloating, gas and digestive disorders. Do not drink alcohol or other alcoholic beverages.

In addition to good nutrition, the elderly should exercise their health with appropriate exercise. The exercise, even if it’s just a gentle exercise, also helps to improve health, stimulate appetite and digestion, and absorb nutrients well. 

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