Signs of dilute semen

Men’s reproductive health is clearly shown through the quality of semen. Sometimes even a small sign that is overlooked can have serious consequences.

The phenomenon of dilute semen is a fairly common disease today, the number of men suffering from the disease is increasing day by day. However, the signs of dilute semen are difficult to recognize, so many men are subjective and do not detect the disease. In most cases, men know they have the disease when they go to an infertility clinic.

In healthy men, after intercourse, ejaculation is normal. At that time, the visible semen is grayish-white and slightly dense, about 15 to 30 minutes it will liquefy.

Diluted semen is a mixture of fluid between sperm and the fluid of many gonads secreted such as: fluid of epididymis, seminal vesicles, prostate gland has an abnormality in one of its components. At that time, the soldier either did not have sperm or did not have enough quantity and quality of sperm, not enough essential substances to raise and protect sperm.

Here are the signs to recognize dilute semen: Dilute
semen is often accompanied by low semen.
.Semen may be like water at first, then clear like rice water
. May be a bit
slimy.Smells have a fishy smell .

Therefore, when observing with the naked eye, if men detect or suspect that they have dilute semen, men should soon seek medical attention and timely treatment. It is possible to leave a specialist medical facility to examine and do semen analysis, because infertility and infertility cases can be caused by weak, dilute sperm, …

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